We help doctors find new patients

We help you find new patients and create loyalty for your current ones by managing your digital presence.

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  • Marketing agency specialised in the healthcare sector
  • Over 95% of our clients recommend us
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients

Wish you had more patients?

Discover Digital Medic, the all-in-one solution to communicate who you are as a doctor through the power of digital advertising and social media outreach.

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We are specialised in the research of new patients for doctors

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    We manage and optimize your social media profiles to increase patients' inquiries and loyalty.

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    People interested in your services will immediately find you and choose you.

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    Once we find new interested patients, we can help you manage bookings so that you can focus on what you do best. 

  • Our process

    Digital Medic is specialised in searching for new patients as well as in the creation of a strong sense of loyalty between you and your community.

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      Share your objectives

      We start our journey by analyzing your profile, your target patients, your current digital presence, and your objectives.

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      Synergic actions

      We outline a customized work plan based on your actual needs by creating copy, images, videos, and everything needed to increase your online visibility. A strong identity, a brand, is not just a nice logo or a captivating image. Creating a brand means creating empathy and trust, which is what you do when you meet your patients.

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      Passion & Transparency

      We showcase our marketing plan in detail, explaining to you which elements our messaging will focus on and why, how often we will publish content, and how we will run your marketing and acquisition campaigns. Our strategy is based on writing and distributing content, both organically and through ads. 

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      Your digital marketing, sorted

      We create digital marketing campaigns, fully customized for your needs, aimed at collecting contacts of new patients. We will provide you with a contact list periodically so that you can schedule appointments or you can fully outsource this process to us. Our digital marketing strategy has 2 main benefits:

      • The first is to acquire new patients who are currently looking for the services you offer
      • The second is giving you the opportunity to put all your knowledge and skills at the service of those who need it the most by communicating your experience clearly, supporting patients with the right advice for their pathologies
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      We are experts in digital marketing for the healthcare sector. We understand patients and their needs when they have to choose their next physician. 


      Our extensive experience in the field enables us to manage profitably the digital presence of doctors looking to grow their business.


      Over the years, we created a method to precisely represent the character, personality, and professionalism of the doctor who chooses us.


      We work to enable physicians to properly communicate their talent, experience, and values across social media platforms to support current and prospective patients across their journey.

    • TALENT

      Our team is composed of some of the most talented professionals with expertise in medical marketing. We are always ready to help our clients and exceed their expectations.


      Our main objective is to increase your digital visibility, the number of your patients, and your revenues. Choose Digital Medic to increase your bookings with a customized digital marketing strategy.

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    If you want more information about Digital Medic, book your free consultation with our team now. One of our experts will get in touch and will have a video call with you to learn more about your unique needs and provide a personalized strategy to achieve your objectives.