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Nowadays creating an online presence is no longer an option but a necessity for every doctor. Creating a digital presence for your medical practice entails a complex series of actions and strategies aimed at empowering your image and supporting your patients' acquisition process. 

The first step of our patient lead generation process is to create and activate social media profiles on all the main platforms, ideating and distributing professional content such as video, images, and text to engage your audience.

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Your digital passport

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    Social Media Management

    Social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, nowadays represent important avenues of communication for your medical practice. Not having a professional presence on such channels is comparable to not having a website or a phone number. You must be present on such platforms and make sure your communication is accurate, professional, and empathic to grow your followers, support your patients and increase your revenues. 

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    Digital Campaign Management

    We ideate, launch, test, and manage your digital marketing campaigns that are specifically crafted based on your specific needs and objective. We have created campaigns to generate new patient leads, grow your social media followers or communicate who you are to the largest number of people in your target geography.

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    Patient Acquisition

    Once your digital advertisements have properly been tested and launched, you will start to receive new patients' contact details in the form of Names, Emails, and Phone Numbers. This information will be sent to you periodically via a spreadsheet so you can contact them autonomously to book consultations at your practice or outsource the appointment setting process to Digital Medic.

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    Your brand, digitalised

    Discover the tools, strategies, and methods to improve your digital presence and as a result the performance of your medical practice. With the word: "personal branding" we refer to the set of strategies that we define to promote your brand across the digital space to increase your follower base, your inquiries, and ultimately your bookings.

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