Our mission is to help doctors succeed in the digital world

If you are looking for an opportunity to innovate in the digital space, challenge yourself and work in a ultra stimulating environment and on interesting projects, browse the job openings below and feel free to submit your application.

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  • 20+ Employees
  • 52% Women
  • 2 Continents
  • 6+ Languages

Our fundamental values

Digital Medic is creating a simpler more effective organisation with the aim of helping doctor succeed. Here is what it means for us: 

  • Believe

    We believe in the power of human creativity and of ourselves as a driver for change.

  • Rispect

    We earn our reputation helping each doctor to the best of our abilities, always striving to do more and innovate.

  • Vision

    We strive to see the future in order to be clear on what to do on a daily basis and not to lose focus. Doctors are always first. 

  • Growth

    We focus on our self development and the growth of our community of doctors. As a result, our business grows.

  • Challenge

    We never avoid challenges. We believe the best way to grow is to solve complex problems, without cutting corners and pushing ourselves every day to come up with better, more innovative solutions.

  • Humility

    We recognise how lucky we are to be able to build a great company. Therefore, we take that luck as a responsibility to be a moving force for our entire community of doctors, never forgetting why we started: to simplify the life of a doctor so that she can focus on helping people in need.

  • Work

    We embrace success and failure to fuel the hard work we put into everything we do. We create job opportunities that are unparalled in our target markets.