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Our story

We were born with the aim of helping healthcare professionals to communicate their expertise accurately and to be found more easily by patients. After a degree in Marketing in Bocconi and a course of study in London, Claudio de Giovanni, decides to set up Digital Doc. Son of a surgeon, he grows up with passion and knowledge for this profession. Combining his roots with his expertise he decides to launch Digital Doc to support all physicians, plastic surgeons and dentists who want to explore the digital world. 

 Our added value, in fact, is that we have been able to count for years on the advice of doctors who have helped us identify the most important problems in this industry. That is why we know perfectly well the needs of the healthcare world. Unlike generalist agencies, which offer consultancy and generic advertising services, to the most disparate sectors, we at Digital Doc are a team specialized in the medical / healthcare marketing & communication and we know exactly what to say to engage digital audiences and ultimately attract more patients to your practice.

 In everything we do, we challenge the status quo and believe digital communication can bring patients closer to doctors. We build a relationship of trust through cutting-edge marketing strategies created especially for doctors.

 Our biggest challenge is to make a patient discover the most suitable doctor for his specific needs, supporting him in his decision making process. Therefore, we believe that helping doctors communicate what they do through the digital world, means improving people's lives. 

Our values

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    We fight to protect our customers’ interests. Our fresh and unbiased approach focuses exclusively on doctors and physicians to help them achieve greater value from their digital marketing efforts, builds trust and brings growth to their practice. 

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    A team of professionals specialized in medical marketing will be working with you to craft a digital image that can help showcase your expertise and ultimately attract more patients.

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    We curate the communicative aspects of your digital identity as a physician or a medical practice to showcase its prestige while maximizing your online visibility to attract patients looking for the services you offer.

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Become the ideal marketing partner for doctors and surgeons that want to create value.

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Help doctors develop their work through transparency, creativity, strategy and innovation.

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